Having started semester 2 a few weeks ago, finally time is available to type this short, but hopefully helpful entry. The post titled, 5 web tools for #research will look at some brilliant web tools that have assisted me with research and university course work last semester.

Please add your suggestions if you feel you can add anything to this list.

Pinboard is a brilliant bookmarking web tool, it’s simplistic, straight-forward and easy to use. The ability to bookmark pages you are currently viewing and (in most cases) quoting for an essay it’s an absolute must, so you have it for referencing at a later stage. In a busy world, particularly the digital world it can be difficult to keep up with the latest news, research, if you are an avid tweeter you can ‘favourite’ tweets with links which automatically updates to your pinboard dashboard for next time you log on. Another good feature is archiving your bookmarks, however there is an annual subscription charge but a great tool.

Gimme Bar. From all five this is the newest tool I’ve been introduced to, this is good, it gives you the ability to highlight an image and drag to your task bar. The ability to also integrate your tweets and pinboard accounts as an additional platform to archive web activity. The stand out feature is backup integration with your dropbox account.

Mindmeister. A simple tool that creates fantastic visuals for initial planing reports & projects. The ability to export is a great feature.
Awesome Screenshot, if you are interested in capturing web pages and annotating with notes, etc brilliant and high quality imaging, particularly for use during presentations.

Google Docs. Not just any good doc, this script enables you to archive up to 50,000 tweets of a particular hashtag e.g #media2014 especially with the demise of Twapper Keeper earlier in the year, the ability to create your own independent archive.

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