Social Media Week is Returning! #smwgla

I am pleased to announce I have been invited to join the advisory board for Social Media Week Glasgow, which I've accepted. For those of you who do not know what Social Media Week is, its a week long conference which takes place in September exploring the social, cultural and economics impacts of social media. Last year I was involved in podcasting sessions, as well as interviewing speakers a role ...

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Social Media and Mobile Communication Seminar

Back in September I delivered a session titled Podcasting: for Beginners at Social Media Week Glasgow. The seminar was delivered for Creative Scotland to create a lasting legacy for #SMWGla. It is now available to watch online as part of Social Media and Mobile Communication Seminars. (more…)

Social Media Week Glasgow (19th-23rd September, 2011)

Over the past couple of days the amount of #smwgla content I've been sharing on twitter and other social media platforms has been a lot, as I'm attending this week long conference. After an exciting few days (so far!) talks from CNN, Nokia, BBC, STV, Google and Peace One Day (Jeremy Gilley) exploring how the platform of social media can be used to promote and share news stories. (more…)

Registration now open! #smwgla

It's only 13 days to go until Social Media Week Glasgow, with this registration for events has now open. If you're interested in attending an event go to and register for the the events that are of interest to you. (more…)

Social Media Week Glasgow (19-23rd September, 2011) #SMWGla

With only 40 days until social media week begins, I thought I should finally blog about it. (Since I have been meaning to do it for a week). Social Media Week is a week long of events and activities taking place across some host cities around the globe, including Glasgow. (more…)