Earlier this year Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo became the first person to share a Vine ¬†on the micro-blogging platform. Users have commented on Vine as being the Instagram of video, allowing users up to 6 seconds to create a short video.

With the launch of this new platform, relating it to the creative and cultural industries it makes me wonder – does this contribute to creativity? I would argue yes. Having spent sometime exploring Vine via the iOS app and created my own, horrendously cheesy videos, the ability to record short clips (or per frame) allows users to creatively use this short time to make the most of it, expressing an artistic side perhaps? And Vine’s website demonstrates that. However, this isn’t just confined to Vine, again, twitter has been used to convey creativity online, I have seen several poetry writing competitions which have used twitter as a platform where users have been restricted to submit something within 140 characters, not mention including the projects hashtag.

But why? Why are services becoming limited, or have restrictions for users? Perhaps placing these restrictions on certain forms of social media e.g audio (audioboo), image (instagram), text (twitter) and video (vine) enables users to think about what they want to share, how they wish to convey it then publish it.

I’ll leave it there..


(Found in drafts from February, 2013).

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