After dedicating many days to researching 360 Degree Production, I’ve found it interesting, the whole concept and idea behind it. But one of the things I couldn’t get my head round was, where is it? What am I exactly looking for? In a previous post I mentioned BBC Radio 4 as a good example of 360 Degree Production in how all the outlets of the stations programmes all connected together in promotion each individual platform.

Well, that’s still an example, but I’ve found over the past few days that the concept of 360 Degree Production is indeed everywhere, an fantastic example was sent to be by a lecturer at Reid Kerr college, he gave BBC Radio 1’s recent Access All Areas as a current, up to date example of 360. I also spoke to a tutor at UWS and she suggested the TV programme, Lost, as being a good example of 360 degree production and she is right. They had the TV show, magazine, merchandise and of course all the reality games the producers ran between series.

Both are great examples, just knowing that springs to mind a few other TV shows, etc that all use the concept as a basis to get the most out of the audience and to provide them with additional content too.

In the coming weeks the paper which has been jointly written with Andy Knight will be posted online, as well as the audio documentary we’ve made along with this module on a new body cam that’s being trialled by Strathclyde Police in Paisley.

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