It is 2015 and King Lambie Productions are back. After months of boring paperwork and long funding meetings and discussions we are glad to be starting the fun part of our project which we have been teasing you about for so long.


Our newest project, #100faces is almost ready to go and now we are going to need your help in creating it and making sure it becomes the biggest and best it can be!


With your help we want to create an archive of Scotland’s people in 2015 – this could be anyone who is living here, visiting here or studying here – everyone has a story to tell after all.


The archive will consist of hundreds of audio interviews and corresponding photographs, all with interesting stories of who people are and what they are doing in Scotland.


The tech wizz in King Lambie has been working hard to create a platform suitable for our archive and is just ready to be filled with smiling faces.


We would also like to offer you the chance of attending a free workshop where you can learn about what we are doing, why we are doing it and learn how to create a great, short interview from your mobile phone which will be suitable for the #100faces platform. Then all you need to do is teach your own family and friends and get out there interviewing. Send us your content and then it can become part of our fantastic archive which can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone for years to come.


Over the coming weeks we will be telling you more about what we are doing and keeping you up to date with what we are doing and with more information about the workshops we will be holding.


To register an interest please contact us at

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