Hello! (Warning, delayed post!)

Owing to server issues and lack of time I haven’t really had a chance to stop, gather my thoughts and type them here. Since I last blogged a lot has happened, too much! So here’s the highlights..

I have set up a production company with my partner, Gillian Lambie called King Lambie Productions.

The company was established earlier this year, in May following my trip to Berlin where I made contact with a guy from the International Radio Festival in Zurich. We recorded a programme for the festival which did not make the final cut, sadly. However, we will upload it soon! Since then we have been working on loads of media-related project, the latest being International Community Media Day. You can register for the event here: http://commedia13.eventbrite.com

Ever since January (wrote it in my annual todo list) I have been actively seeking my next academic step. Recently I completed my honours degree at University of the West of Scotland obtaining a second class in BA (Hons) Broadcast Production. I was hoping for a better grade but hey ho! Anyway, having been offered places at both Queen Margaret University and University of Glasgow to do my postgrad I opted with QMU. And I am now studying MA Cultural & Creative Enterprise!

Finally, in September I joined Bolt FM as their “Youth Radio Trainer”. Bolt FM are a youth radio station which serves various communities in the North East of Glasgow. Prior to joining I had heard great things about the project and the work they do so (it goes without saying) I am really please to be contributing to this great project!

Watch this space, loads of exciting updates with Bolt FM will be coming over the next couple of months.

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