Haven’t wrote about a previous annual general meetings (AGM) in the past. Thought I’d write about this particular one, because it was different. Past experience at these events have always been informative, as was this one.

This post won’t look at the bad things, like issue of funding – ┬áno. Instead looking at the opprtunities we have on the horizon and the great work the station is currently engaged in.

So, where to start.. The meeting itself was good for me, I had been neglecting my roles at the station for while. Mainly doing my part from my computer, it gave me a sense that I had missed out on the community spirit if you like. Some people even thought I had left, was genuinely shocked when I heard that.

At the meeting we were told that the station was in the process of getting ready to format a package for Ofcom that would be used in our attempt to apply for a 5-year community licence (opposed to our current RSL format). I hope the station get it’s, quite biast but the station has given me so much. Especially on a personal level. I understand that the future of community radio is uncertain but looking at the range of activites the station is engaged within the community it’s great some of these projects include: helping establish radio stations within local schools e.g Duncanrig Radio, coninuation of delivering our SQA accredited course in radio feature production and delivering training to local schools and youth groups.

The next broadcast has been penciled in to commence November 15th, 2011 and run for 4weeks which will be our last broadcast this year. Then who knows, we could be returning back with a fulltime licence? We’ll wait and see. Anyway, for the rest of the year I will have no role with the ‘on air’ side of things, simply too many things going on. I’ll still be engaged with the social media and delivering training session for the rest of year, and providing support to other volunteers.

Earlier this year, the station launched a commercial venture which aims to generate additional revenue for the station. Radio Parties, allows people to have parties within the confines of the radio station and gives people on air the chance to encourage friends/family to listen whilst they’re on air having fun! For more information visit: www.radioparties.co.uk

And finally, as previously mentioned in this post last year we began delivering NQ courses in radio feature production and we’re running that course again and there are places still available for this current run. It’s opened to residents of Cambuslang and Rutherglen who are interested in broadcasting and is free of charge. If you are/or know anyone interested in this programme please email martincamglen@googlemail.com for more details.

Good luck to the presenters taking to the airwaves in November!

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