“Hello boss” – Day 4 – Fri 25th September, 2015

It's an early start today, 4.15am to be accurate. I am stumbling around my room in Chanda Lodge trying to find matches or a phone to try and light up the room - yeah the power is out (again). The power has been something I only discovered here but it is affecting the whole of Zambia. Last night I was in the city centre of Ndola looking for somewhere to ...

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“It’s all gone Radio GaGa” – Day 3 – Thurs 24th September

Woah, my blog yesterday was long but I missed a huge chunk of it. I eventually arrived in the church in Ndola (where I will be setting up the radio equipment) and I received a warm welcome. It was weird pulling XLR cables, microphones, etc. which were hidden amongst various items of clothing in my case to an audience. I felt like a magician! Oh and Muli Shani (which means ...

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Listen to ‘Drama Waves’ on Bolt FM

Last month “Drama Waves” was officially launched at Glasgow Youth Arts Festival in Glasgow Green. “Drama Waves” is a short radio drama which was written, recorded and produced by young people from across the city in 5 days. (more…)

#100faces; Coming soon

It is 2015 and King Lambie Productions are back. After months of boring paperwork and long funding meetings and discussions we are glad to be starting the fun part of our project which we have been teasing you about for so long.   (more…)

Bolt FM returns to 106.7FM

(Originally posted on www.boltfm.co.uk)   We at Bolt FM will be celebrating our fourteenth birthday by broadcasting from most of the communities we have worked in over the years between March 2nd and March 8th.   Our volunteers, all aged between 10 and 25 will be on 106.7 FM between 8 am and midnight each day using both the main studio in Provanmill and our portable studio in other locations.   (more…)

Sound to Sea #festival2014

Sound to Sea has to be one of my favourite highlights from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. This incredible event which had everything from musical perfmonances, acrobatics, multiple boats (of all shapes and sizes) and amazing fireworks. The folks at Inner Ear Productions actually recorded the event which you can view online (you really should watch it!). And there's some images below! (more…)