Sound to Sea #festival2014

Sound to Sea has to be one of my favourite highlights from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. This incredible event which had everything from musical perfmonances, acrobatics, multiple boats (of all shapes and sizes) and amazing fireworks. The folks at Inner Ear Productions actually recorded the event which you can view online (you really should watch it!). And there's some images below! (more…)

In Pictures: Monte Carlo Rally (2013)

On Saturday (26th January, 2013) was the start of the classic Monte Carlo Rally which began at the People's Palace at Glasgow Green. You can hear a short audioboo here which I recorded beside the start line. Below are images taken along the starting point in Glasgow.   (more…)

Paralympic Flame Festival #citizenrelay #photography

Sunday 26th August, 2012 marked the Paralympic Flame being in Scotland, the flame lit a cauldron in Edinburgh and then was transported to Glasgow for the Paralympic Flame Festival which welcomed the flame to performances by various dance and musical groups.   Escorting the flame to Glasgow were flame ambassadors, Maggie McEleny MBE and Jodie Taylor. (more…)

In Pictures: Glasgow

Before heading off on tour with the #citizenrelay team, I went into Glasgow during the Jubilee and here's some of the images taken. (more…)

The Future is Multiplatform #clsmf

For the past two years I've been actively following what online and new media platforms could mean for radio. It's something I am constantly questioning how can radio survive in the current climate with services like, Spotify possibly taking listeners from radio? (more…)

Restoring a 20th Century performance space to prosper in the 21st

For as long as I've lived in Glasgow, I've always been fascinated by the City's history, I love the architecture, culture and the diversity. This post is a photo essay of the Kelvingrove Bandstand depicting it's neglect since the mid-90s. I took these images yesterday and its such a shame that this unique performance space has been abandoned, vandalised, and looking in a sorry state. (more…)

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games: Whose Legacy? #media2014

Last Friday (21st October, 2011) I attended a session titled “Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games: Whose Legacy?” at Centre for Contemporary Arts as part of Document9 international film festival. The session was organised by Glasgow 2014 Games Monitor, who aim to uncover and highlight scandals surrounding Glasgow's games. (more…)

Registration now open! #smwgla

It's only 13 days to go until Social Media Week Glasgow, with this registration for events has now open. If you're interested in attending an event go to and register for the the events that are of interest to you. (more…)

Open Weekend and @VeloCityArt #media2012 #media2014

Open Weekend took place between July 23rd-24th July, 2011 to celebrate One Year until the London 2012 Olympic Games with activities happening all over the UK. In Glasgow, a range of activities took place also marking Three Years until the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. (more…)

Creative Project: Scottish Music Scene, 2010

Making use of the fantastic abilities Mixcloud has, I thought it was time I uploaded my Creative Project which was completed during my time at Glasgow Metropolitan College. The documentary was created in my final module which went towards my HNC and was closely tied with a show and podcast I presented on their student station. (more…)